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Recruitment Process

Manpower Sourcing :

The job requirements may be advertised in the local press, so that the interested candidates as per the requirement of the Employer will get a chance to contact us or, Bio Data matching the requirements from our database can be provided, so that the Employer may be selecting the right candidate after necessary scrutiny.

Recruitment and Selection :

Professional and other manpower categories selected us are carefully screened and rigidly tested, to ensure this our organization retails a body of professional examiners and human resources management consultants to assist in the selection procedures.

Medical and psychological Examinations :

Our organization retains the services of highly skilled and repute medical institutions in order to ensure that, the selected candidates are both physically and mentally prepared for their respective job.

Processing :

Our organization handle the expeditious processing of contract workers through appropriate government offices in each country, including contract verification, travel permits, passport processing and otherwise preparing the workers legally and administratively at a guaranteed minimum period of time.

Booking and Ticketing :

At the client’s request, our associate agencies can handle airline reservations and booking of contract workers, utilizing its linkage with a number or reputable travel agencies affiliated with IATA.

Pre-Departure Assistance and Orientation :

ware that to be effective, contract workers need to be knowledge about government policies and social customers in the country of deployment, our associate agencies provide orientation for them. We send representative at the Airport to assist them Airport and immigration formalities.

Arrival in the Country :

The employment himself has to make arrangements to receive the employees in their arrival. Basic Terms of Recruitment & Employment Contract

Recruitment processing / Deployment lead time :

30 to 40 Working days up on receipt of all necessary recruitment document s from the employe

Period of employment :

Projected minimum period of service is 12 months, and maximum period of service is 24 months.

Working hours and overtime :

8 hours a day or 48 hours a week or 208 hours in a month. Overtime per hour – 11/2 times.

Accommodation and food :

The employer shall provide the employee adequate and respectable bachelors living accommodation. Provision for food expenses, may be included in the salary quoted.

Transportation :

The employer shall arrange for Air Ticket upon his selection. The employer however may provide free return airfare to the employee upon completion of employment contract.

Emergency Medical Services :

The employer shall provide the employee with free medical services including medicines for work connected illness or injuries.

Rest day and legal holidays :

The employer has to designate one day a week as rest for every employee preferably FRIDAY or SUNDAY The employer may pay the employee, all official holidays in accordance with specific country labor laws. All works performed during the designated REST DAY and OFFICIAL HOLIDAYS should be considered as overtime.

Annual vacation leaves with pay :

Minimum of 15days vacation leave with pay for each of the 12 months of service completed, however the employer has the right to choose the date of such vacation.

Annual vacation leaves with pay :

Minimum of 15days vacation leave with pay for each of the 12 months of service completed, however the employer has the right to choose the date of such vacation.

Sick Leave :

15-30 days of annual sick leave with pay should be considered against work related injuries or illness upon recommendation from the Company Doctor.

Workmen's Compensation :

The employer shall provide the employee with social insurance coverage in accordance with the specific country Labor law